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Precious is His Sight

{Free Remembrance Photography}


Precious in the sight of the Lord
    is the death of his faithful ones.

-Psalm 116:15


This is something that has become very important to me as my husband has had life-long health struggles, but recently his condition has worsened and we are uncertain how much more time our four young children and I will have with him.  As my husband’s health began to decline I found myself taking more pictures of him—especially pictures of him with our children. If my children lose their dad at a young age I want them to have photos of him with them so they can see how much he loved them and to be able to remember him.


I’ve always wanted to use the abilities and equipment God has given me for Him and to help others. One day the thought crossed my mind to offer remembrance photography for others free of charge. I’ve always been very interested in this ever since I heard about photos being a very helpful and healing thing when people face a health struggle, death of a loved one and the grief that is experienced along with that. It is my prayer that providing remembrance photography for those facing the tragic loss of a loved one will give people hope and help them see God’s goodness and joy.


Here are the details:

  • Free remembrance photography is for those that have a life-limiting or terminal diagnosis.
  • Please contact me as soon as possible to allow more time for scheduling your remembrance photography session.
  • I am a wife and mom with limited time and resources so, unfortunately, I may not be able to help everyone who contacts me.
  • Remembrance photography sessions are lifestyle sessions—real life and natural although I may give some suggestions for what would make the best photos. Just let the surroundings tell your story. Feel free to include some of your loved one’s personal belongings (quilts, blankets, favorite clothes, wedding rings, old photographs, etc.) to make your photos unique and special.
  • Since these are lifestyle photos I will come to you (in southeast Iowa) to capture you in your natural surroundings. If your session takes place at a hospital or medical facility I will be considered a guest of the patient while I am there.
  • I will provide you with prints at a discounted price with no profit to myself that you may order through my website.
  • I leave repositioning patients the responsibility of the family of the patient or medical professionals.
  • These sessions are available to anyone of any age-stillborn babies, newborns, children, teenagers, young adults, adults, parents and grandparents.
  • The length of a session may vary according to the circumstances. Generally I will spend 15 minutes—1 hour with you.
  • To schedule a remembrance session you must sign a model release as your images may be shared on my blog/website/Facebook page to share about my remembrance photography. I will only share first names. If you would like you may be tagged on Facebook.


To schedule your Precious is His Sight {Free Remembrance Photography} session please email me or call (319-217-2015). It would be an honor to hear from you.



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