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Frequently Asked Questions




How do I get in contact with Amanda Creamer Photography about scheduling a photo session?

Please visit and click CONTACT at the top of the page. You can email me at the address on the left side or fill out the message information on the right.




What should I wear?

Please wear what is most comfortable for you as this will help your photos to look natural. It is a good idea to avoid wearing clothing with bold prints or logos. It also helps to have clothing that coordinates for photos with more than one person.




Where will we take pictures?

I am an on location photographer. I would be happy to come to your home or a favorite location you may have. Generally I find that outdoor photos look best.




What is the best time of day for taking photos?

One hour before sunset—known as the golden hour—is the best time for outdoor photos. However, when photographing children it is important to choose a time of day when children are rested and happy. We can capture beautiful photos at other times of day in a shaded area as well.




When is payment due?

Payment and a completed copy of the photo agreement is due at the time the portrait session is booked. Payment for prints will be due when placing the order. For other types of photography—such as custom cards or other specialized products—arrangements will be made depending the product and type of photography work being done.



How do I order prints?

Within four weeks of your session your photos will be displayed in an online gallery. I will send you the link for your gallery  when your photos are posted in a public or private (the choice that is marked on your photo agreement) online gallery.  You will be able to place an order directly from the gallery at the Amanda Creamer Photography website.




Can I share my online gallery with others?

At the time of the photo session you may indicate what options you would like for online sharing. Some options would be whether to have some of your photos posted on Facebook or to have a public online gallery so friends and family members may view your photos.




Will I receive digital images?

Each session does include the option of viewing and sharing online digital images. These photos are watermarked to prevent photo theft by another party and may be shared on Facebook as long as the watermark remains visible and the photo has not been altered or cropped in any way. These photos are specifically sized to optimal web viewing and are not suitable for printing.