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I have been given the "assignment" of finding some activities that I enjoy. As one of these activities I chose photography. So I decided to start a new series of blog posts featuring these photos with the hope that maybe you could experience some of the joy that God blesses me with through taking and seeing these photos.


You may click the photo for a larger view.



{, Larry the Cucumber}




 {newest member of my Nikon family made possible by part of my Christmas gift from my parents. Nikon FE film camera--this camera was made December, 1981--only 8 months older than me :) patiently waiting for the film to arrive}

{homeschool--these two boys made "foot rests" out of kid chairs and stayed warm under blankets}

{yellow--had a fun time finding yellow things--my favorite color, reminds me of joy}


{the play money man}


{watching my kids, their discoveries, silliness, joy and many other things bring me joy}


{yellow--what a joy to find yellow soap at the store}


  {yellow} {yellow} {yellow} {yellow} {yellow--God is love}

  {yellow} {sippy cup in the windowsill}

  {yellow} {yellow} {yellow} {yellow} {yellow} {yellow} {yellow} {yellow}


...for the joy of the Lord is your strength!

~Nehemiah 8:10b


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