{The Great Unknown} :10th Anniversary Trip: Part 3

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Ben and I have talked for several years about making a 10th anniversary trip to the place we went for our honeymoon. Years ago I was not sure it would happen. And even more recently, with Ben's major health struggles, I didn't even know if we would ever see our 10th anniversary together, and if we did, we probably wouldn't be able to do that kind of traveling. With our 10th anniversary about 6 months away, Ben contacted the owner of the amazing, little bed & breakfast we went to for our honeymoon near Branson, MO. The days around our anniversary were available! Ben made reservations for those days and we impatiently counted down the months. We consider it a blessing from God that we were able to return to such a special place filled with great memories--He worked out the details. We are so thankful we could enjoy 5 days together with no schedule, no demands, low stress, little responsibility, and uninterrupted time together--it truly was a much appreciated blessing.


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{Lego man playing checkers} {Lego man enjoying the porch swing} {Lego man enjoying the porch rocker} {Lego man--waving from the table} {Lego man preparing to dive into the hot tub} {Enjoying a relaxing morning on our 10th anniversary} {Went back inside after the last picture, and something was on Ben's head. He brushed it off and I grabbed it off the floor and took it outside. It walked off my hand onto the rocker} {The guestbook entry from our stay at this B&B on our honeymoon} {our hostess was so thoughtful--she even left us an anniversary cake} {enjoyed a late morning walk through the B&B wooded area} {purple} {dirt and rock in the roots of a fallen tree} {light shines through} {yellow} {light : dark} {Missouri "soil"} {hurrying back from our refreshing walk to make it to see War Room (highly recommend!!) in Branson}  {hard to get a nice shot of the B&'s downhill from there} {made it back after the movie, got dressed up for an anniversary dinner} {10 years}

{Off to dinner--Lambert's-home of throwed rolls-Ozark, MO}


Teach us to realize the brevity of life,
so that we may grow in wisdom.

~ Psalm 90:12



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